Question about VO2Max vs Threshold in Progression Level Ratings


my training plan with the build phase and that means VO2max workouts.

Now I’m really confused why VO2max workouts are rated so different than threshold workouts.

For example:
I did Black Pine today as my first vo2max workout. It’s a 5.1 4x4minutes at 106%.
Almost the same workout in the threshold category is Ibapha 4x4 minutes at 105% and is rated as 2.6.

Shouldn’t be vo2max be much harder and so if the rating of Ibapha is 2.6 in my opinion the rating of Black Pine should be more like a 1.4 or something like that.

I’m really struggeling to get my Threshold levels over 4.5 but doing a vo2max at 5.x is pretty easy in comparison. That doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

Dont compare PL’s across zones and some folk are naturally gifted/ weak in different zones too. My self I find VO2 max stuff (unless really long) easier than Threshold.

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Per TR’s official support doc:

Are Workout Levels comparable from one Zone to another?

  • No. Workout Levels are classified in two ways: (1) Zone (2) Workout Profile. An example of Zones would be Endurance, Tempo, Sweet Spot, Threshold, VO2 Max, Anaerobic, Sprint. Each Zone has various different Workout Profiles within it. Workout Profiles represent the interval structure of the workout.

  • For example, the VO2 Max Zone has On-Offs, Float Sets, Sustained Intervals, Traditional, Attacks, and more. Workout Levels within a specific Zone and Workout Profile can be directly compared, while Workout Levels within a specific Zone but different Workout Profiles can only be loosely compared. Workout Levels between workouts of different Zones cannot be compared. For example, a Threshold Level 4.0 and an Endurance 4.0 will not have the same RPE.