Difference in progression levels (same workout) [Resolved ✅]

I was just going through the workouts and i noticed a difference in progression level for the same workout. I went to “workouts” and filtered on “Vo2Max” and “productive”. One of the options was this workout called Wilhelm:

A 7.3 VO2Max workout. However, when i click on the workout it changes to a 7.8 workout?

I checked some others and some are the same, but some have different levels. Just some random difference i can see.
San Joaquin +7 shows 7.4, is 7.5
Wilbarren shows 7.4 is 8.2
Yoas shows 7.3 vo2max but is 8.0 Anaerobic

Also checked some other workout type but found no differences there. There also doesn’t seem to be a difference when i select “achievable” as a filter. Just a bug or am i missing something?

Hey! Super odd, I wasn’t able to duplicate this, and even impersonated your account to go to Workouts > VO2 max > Productive and Wilhelm displayed as a 7.8 both in that view and when expanding the workout.
This was consistent for me both on the web and in-app, for the other workouts you mentioned as well.
Considering it was fleeting moment of display discrepancy, I wonder if the workout was being edited internally and has since updated.

Can you double check for me that you’re also no longer seeing workout level discrepancies?

Let us know if you keep seeing instances of this, but you shouldn’t be experiencing it anymore!

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Seems good now. Thanks. Thread can be closed.

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Cool! Glad to hear it. Let us know if anything else pops up. :sunglasses: