VO2 max Intervals

How long before my A race should I start doing vo2 max intervals? Im 12 weeks from my event and I have done the SS high volume… I was going to start the short power build high volume as it seems to be the next progression… Any advice would be great?



Use the plan builder.


As a TrainerRoad user, your ideal time to start is 16 weeks: 8 weeks for Build, 8 weeks for Specialty.

Plan Builder will truncate accordingly.


thanks. I didn’t know the plan builder would help with that. So it sounds like I’m right in the that window too start vo2 intervals. I’ll take a look at the plan builder…
Thanks for the info!!

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I like to start dedicated VO2 work around 6-8 weeks out from my goal event. I say 6-8 weeks because that allows me to get in at least 6-8 vO2 workouts if I’m doing them 1x per week. More if I’m able to squeeze in 2x per week.

That would look like:
Mon: rest
Tue: vO2
Wed: Sweet Spot
Thur: Endurance
Fri: Rest
Sat: vO2

Don’t feel like you have to do 2 per week. I think you can see adaptations with one per week for 6-8 weeks. 6-8 total vO2 workouts.

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This…do this !

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I did wind up using the Plan Builder… I think the plan looks spot on. I went from the SS High Volume Base plan to using the plan Builder and I have been coached most of my life i feel like this plan is spot on. What do you guys think about gym time during this phase? Is too late for me to start my gym routine?

depends what the gym routine starts with; if it’s light and adaptation focused, you could, but with 16w to go it might make the riding tough.

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Thats what i was thinking… I started the adaptation phase went on a vacation then missed two weeks. Right now i was thinking i just want to save all of my energy for hitting my trainer road workouts strong.