Recommended Plan to improve VO2 MAX

Hi, I already completed sweet spot base medium I and II.
Which is the recommended plan to improve VO2Max?

VO2 intervals 3x/week for ~8 weeks.

Create your own plan.

Use either the Workout Creator or the Workout Search function.

Every couple of weeks increase the time spent in interval, e.g. Wk 1-2 total interval time 36min —> Wk 3-4 total interval time 40 min, etc.

Have fun!

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SSB low and mid and sustained power all have VO2 max progressions in them. VO2 max is a tool in your box, don’t focus on it specifically just pick a plan that works towards your actual goals and it will come up.



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As above, I’d be asking WHY want improve v02 max - I.e. what sort of races/events you after and let that guide your plans. However short power build would be obvious one in my mind??