VO2 MAX Breakthrough - With no Alternates possible

Hello all,
I’ve seen more than once, workouts schedulled way to hard for my level with no Alternates available.
For tomorrow, I got a Breakthrough VO2Max workout schedulled but I would like to change it for a Producitve instead… No way, 'cause there are no Alterantes (of any level or for any duration) available…

This is a bit weird… but not the fisrt time it happens.

My workaround is to just delete the workout and to chose another one with the level I want from the workout library…

Has something similar happen to anyone, or just me?

Thanks in advance

Did you look under “all durations” as well? I have found that it can sometimes be a way to find more alternatives.


But yes, I did. In fact the screen shot I posted is with “All durations” filter active…

I think this might be intentional: when starting new phase/plan containing new type of workouts (VO2max in this case), AT attempts to find baseline for you. After completing you have chance to estimate the effort and AT will adjust following workouts accordingly.

Since I have completed POL Build multiple times, I already know for me good baseline is VO2max PL 5+ workouts (Black Pine), even after neglecting VO2max workouts for a long time (i.e. PL is around 1.0).

Reason why you can’t find easier alternates is because in TR workout library for “VO2max” / “Traditional” intervals, Saddle Mountain is already the easiest workout with 4-min intervals. If you want something easier, you have to choose other type of VO2max workout (on/offs, for example).

EDIT: If you choose another interval type, you may miss the goal of this specific workout. I’d suggest to try Saddle Mountain out and make note of how it felt. This way you have experience next time from where to start with such phases.


It is indeed the beginning of a new phase (Building in the case).
I’ll try it, just in case… I’ve been without VO2 intervals for long… I’m trying Polarized High volume plan and just went through Base… I’ll see how it goes…
Thanks for your reply.


Saddle Mountain is 3x4mins at 106%. That should be doable. It’s just that you haven’t done a VO2 in a while, so it looks harder than it is. Your rating will set you up for the future VO2 workouts in your plan. Worst case, you fail it and teach the AI what to do next time. Light it up! :fire:


I think there’s a bug in the software. I am currently not on a plan so yesterday I loaded the app up and Train Now pops up. It was recommending an endurance ride but it was telling me there were no workouts found for the given duration (90 mins). There are 27 endurance workouts at 90 minutes…and at my level are are achievable, productive, or stretch. After refreshing the feed a few times it finally gave me one.

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I just moved the workout to today 'cause I have done no cycling over the weekend, so I was fresh enough. I went with a clear mindset and just got it completed now (my lunch time here in Portugal). It went just fine. I rated it only “Hard”… And 'cause “Moderate” felt a bit too much eheheh
But never the less, I think there’re a few bugs with the App. It’s not the first time it happens (having no Alternates in a middle of a training plan phase or have no workouts available for given type, level or duration)…


I had this exact thing happen — breakthrough VO2 at the start of Short Power Build. I was able to do it and actually felt really good.

I posted about it here and TR/ @Caro.Gomez-Villafane reached out and said it was actually a bug — AT could have picked two different workouts in my case and it chose a breakthrough one.

I’ve found that it set my VO2 level at an aggressive but doable number and I feel like my rate of growth has been higher as a result, so overall I’m pleased with the outcome!

Congrats on crushing the workout!

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Nice work on crushing that workout! :muscle:

It does sound like something funky is going on if you’re unable to load up any Workout Alternates. I’m going to let our bug hunting team know that this has been going on so we can investigate what might be happening.

Please feel free to let me or TR Support know if you need a hand with anything else in the meantime!


@ZackeryWeimer Not sure if its the same as the issue I described here but it sounds very similar.



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@Froids @trpnhntr I heard back from the team on this one – it’s not a bug, but something we’re working on improving at the moment.

We simply don’t have VO2 Max POL workouts that are productive at low levels, which is why they aren’t showing up under alternates at this time.

Deleting the workout and replacing it with a non-polarized alternate from the Workout Library is the best workaround we have for now.

We plan to add more POL workouts to fill in these holes in the future.

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Hi @ZackeryWeimer
Many thanks for your reply and info…