Plan builder mid volume crit plan may be trying to kill me 😂

I’m a 61 year old who came back to racing last year . Ive been using TR for a few years and improved ftp using rolling road race last year . In October i took off two weeks and after that embarked on a plan of weight workouts and mid volume crit .As I suspected when i got to build phase the weights were too much and gave them up. I was struggling to finish Tuesday and Thursday workouts . Now i am in the final weeks of build and the Tuesday Thursday rides are nearly impossible to finish . Up until this plan A.I. always seem to give me perfect workouts . Very hard but productive workouts I could finish . Am I missing something here when I get a Tuesday vo2 max 5.2 and i barely finish and have to drop ten percent for last set , then Thursday I get a 5.7 that i knew before I started would be more than a stretch ? If i cant do a 5.2 how can I do. 5.7 ? Is it trying to find my limits ?

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I’m not the best at digging into the inner workings of this sort of thing, but I know our Support team could give you good insight into what’s going on. I’m going to have them reach out to you.

That said, if you feel the workout is too intense, I recommend using Workout Alternates. It’s super easy to pick a similar workout that is of a lower intensity.

This article explains how to use the feature.

To briefly explain it here:

  1. Tap on the scheduled workout you want to change, then tap “Alternates”.
  2. Tap the Difficulty dropdown and select “Achievable”.
  3. Select the workout you’d like to do and tap “Replace”

That’s it!


Thanks Jonathan . This really is a great product . I decided at 59 years old that I would return to racing after 20 years away from the sport in which I rode just for fun ,zero training . Going into my second season this year . I raised my ftp so far from 168 to 215 and still plugging away playing the long game a few watts per month . No way I could have done this without you guys . Thanks again .


I’ve seen the same so my guess is that It’s trying to find our limits.

Also each zone has different subcategories of workouts: ramp, over under, long sustained,… for example for Threshold or 30/30 vs floating sets in vo2max. AT assumes if I can do a PL x with 30/30, I’m just as good at Floating sets or 3minutes long intervals. Oups that’s not the case.

Also I doubt it takes into account if you 're 20’s something or a Masters. Just considering that would make AT so much more accurate e.g. vo2max is your limiter as you’re older.

I don’t think AT is there yet so I make heavy use of Alternates

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Exactly ! Three sets of 20 30x30’s tuesday then thursday was 4 sets of 4minutes at vo2 max all on the tired legs from an hour of endurance on Wednesday. Not sure I can recover from this much work but I would think failing to finish would cut me back more than it has .

I few weeks back I was struggling to finish workouts and then I realized I hadn’t increased my carb intake to match the increased intensity. Now that I am caught up on my carbs I am finishing everything again.


I think I’m eating enough . I increased my daily food when I started struggling a few weeks ago and always fuel my rides with over 100 grams of carbs per hour . I’m eating loads of carbs rice fruit salad greens daily and also getting about a 120 to 150 grams of protein a day . Lots of eggs and grilled chicken.

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