Is this Breakthrough workout supposed to be here?

First VO2 Max workout of sustained power build is a Breakthrough 4.4, when the progression level is 1.3 lol. The next VO2 in the plan adapted down to a 3.6.

I plan on trying it anyway. Mostly wondering if it’s a bug in adaptive training.

EDIT: Made it through fine enough. Adaptive training hasn’t failed me yet!

I had the same workout, but my level was 2.2 before.

I assumed it was intentional to try to quickly set my progression (if passed / easily achieved) vs slowly stepping up from 2.2 without recent prior zone work.

In my case I did it fine and adaptations were suggested to adjust later workouts to align as expected.

When in doubt, email for a quick review.

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I had a similar experience and also wondered how this got scheduled. Saddle Mountain, 4.4 VO2, and I was only at 1.0. I finished the workout, but marked it as “Very Hard.” Certainly an abrupt jump.

I’ve also had this - I think it is likely because Saddle Mountain is the lowest level VO2 max workout (of an hour duration) which has a small number of intervals (i.e. not 30/30 or 15/15 type repeats) at a “low” %age over FTP.

There are other lower level VO2 max workouts, but all combine higher %ages of FTP with short burst intervals, and so I’m assuming it is taken as the ‘most likely workout you’ll be able to do’.

It may also be that due to being within sustained build, AT is looking at longer intervals focus rather than short/shorts.

TR adapted in at some point a break through workout for me to. I guess Coach Chad Borg decided that I was a lazy b and decided to kick some stimulus into my plan (it was there for purpose).