Longer VO2 Max Intervals

I’m using plan builder to train for a century ride in late April. I’m doing all of my rides outside. My first VO2 Max workout is Coy.

I am anticipating that trying to do 30 second VO2 Max efforts outside is going to drive me bonkers. I’ve done the Norwegian 4x4 VO2 Max protocol on my Airdyne before and am thinking of replacing Coy with something like that instead. But I can’t seem to find that kind of a VO2 Max workout in the alternatives for Coy. Any suggestions?

Hey there,

You’ll probably have to use the full Workout Library instead of just Workout Alternates to find something like those 4x4 efforts. Alternates will be looking for other on/off style workouts like Coy.

The Workout Library will allow you to refine your search more specifically to what you’re looking for.

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