VM overuse - indoor training

Hi folks,

I listened to an excellent podcast recently where Chad stated that training for TTs can almost exclusively be completed indoors. My experience of using an indoor trainer has resulted in overload of my vastus medialis in both legs meaning I need to do all my threshold work on the road.

My bike is setup properly - just curious if you have faced this issue and how you overcame it?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like the same bike inside and outside. So any review of differences in loading need to consider all the differences:

  1. Trainer in use.
    • Trainers have different flywheels, and that may lead to a different experience inside vs outside.
  2. Gearing in use.
    • Related to above, but adding in gearing inside, with consideration about typical use outside. Also need to consider relative rider weight and roads used (flats, rolling hills, extended climbing)
  3. Lack of motion inside vs outside.
    • Not true in all cases, but the lack of motion with most inside setups may lead to different use and even muscular application changes.
  4. Cooling.
    • May or may not lead to excessive core and muscular heat.

Those are the ones that come to mind initially, but likely more to consider. You have to take a wide, but close look at any and all differences between both use cases.

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Thanks for the reply - yep have factored those in and in addition I have varied the front wheel height to try and utilise further quad muscles. I do think the lack of motion is a factor as I dont need to use any of my postural muscles when on a static turbo.

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If you have some compressible material like sponges, yoga mats, standing mats and such, maybe you can install a bit under the outer feet of your trainer, to allow some motion.

We have lots of people doing this as a hack for short term testing, and some even stick with just that for long term. Basic idea of adding a bit of wiggle to the setup vs the rigid connection to the floor.

Seems you’ve covered the other angles, and maybe this is worth a down and dirty test.

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Thanks Chad again for your reply - very kind of you. I will try that actually, can’t do any harm.

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Let us know if you try it, even if it fails. Theses cases are always so interesting to me, and I try to figure out if there is anything more to try or offer when others hit them too. Good luck :smiley:

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