Viruses, single dad issues and how to train


These days with the corona going around in one place, and flu and colds in another I have a hard time getting my workouts in as I want.

I’m also fairly new to being a single parent and I have my kids every other week, so one week is available for training a lot, and the other is much more restricted.

How should I think? At the moment I’m on a low volume, 3 days a week plan, with my longer workout during the weekend. Due to some respiratory “feelings”, such as either I have a cold or possibly a cold coming on, or it might be pollen allergy, I have a few times skipped a workout or made it shorter than planned. Don’t wanna go full sick so I have to stay at home, I’m sure corona will ensure isolation sooner or later anyways.

Should I 1) if possible try to replace my worldays workouts with the endurance workout on weekends if I have to skip the weekend one, or 2) just do what’s planned and not care so much which workout I’m skipping?

Should I, when I’m feeling just a little bit affected in my breathing, replace a heavy FTP or VO2 workout and replace it with something easier and not so strenuous? Or should I just cut down the intensity? Or shorten the workouts when I feel they get too much?

It’s all linked together and I am very uncertain of what is what. Completely abstain from working out is not really an option, I really don’t feel that bad. And this is sort of coming and going, according to the docs I have “sensitive and thin mucous membranes”. Sort have an year round cold, even though it’s usually not very bad.

Thanks for any help/ideas!

Not a single dad but father of 3 little ones. I’ve always been the ride when I can sorta guy but really focus on 2 workouts a week that are planned as intervals/htt or a long one. Everything else is unplanned largely z2.