Vegan Recovery Shakes

Hi All,

I’m looking for recommendations of post workout vegan recovery drinks roughly 4:1 in the UK.

As a side note calories are not an issue just looking for the best tasting, I’ll be mixing with oat milk.


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Vega is good. Then just load it with maltodextrin for the carbs


I also use the Vega chocolate berry flavor with frozen berries, oats, and bananas for the carbs. Tastes amazing :ok_hand:

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I buy this in Chocolate Peanut and add Maltodextrin:

I’ve tried the Peanut Butter flavour too, which tasted a bit weird and not really like peanut butter, but was drinkable.

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I really like the flavor of this brand. Good price and mixes well too

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Form Nutrition is my go to + bananas and oats.

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Not cheap (IMO), but I LOVE the vegan chocolate recovery mix from Skratch Labs: