R.I.P. Clif Recovery

Thank you so much for reaching out!

I’m so sorry to share that we have retired CLIF Drinks. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause. It’s never easy for our team to make these decisions.

While I can’t make any promises, I’ve logged your vote in hopes that we can revisit it again soon. In the meantime, check out clifbar.com for a full list of current products and flavors.

We hope you find something else to love! Thank you for your support.


Consumer Care Representative

Clif Recovery has been unavailable for quite a while, so I guess this is no great shock. Any former Clif Recovery users found something new they like? I tried Tailwind’s offering and it was not for me. I’m not super interested in homebrewing a recovery drink at the moment.

I gave up on that and their hydration mix quite a long time ago when it disappeared from my pro deal site. Figured it went the way of the dodo and now it’s confirmed. Been using Skratch since then and like the range they offer.

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I never used Clif Recovery but have been happy with Skratch Recovery. I like the coffee and horchata flavors.


Skratch Horchata is the bomb! It tastes good enough that I feel guilty for drinking it.


Could have to do with the fact that Clif Bars recently got acquired by Mondelez. SKU rationalization is often part of the acquisition: Out with the unprofitable to free up cash-flow for introduction of new products.

Another vote for the scratch horchata! That one bridges the gap between palatable/inoffensive and ‘oh this is actually good’
(It is, however, hideously expensive to get where I live, so I usually just go for the wiggle branded one. It tastes…fine, but it’s relatively affordable and does the job.)

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Hammer Nutrition has a chocolate recovery shake that is a little gritty in a blender bottle but tastes like a chocolate malt when mixed in a real blender. I actually look forward to it.

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Awww shoot. This is the confirmation I was hoping not to hear. There were times I got on the trainer solely to get to have a skratch chocolate recovery drink after.

Chocolate Milk FTW.

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The only thing better than chocolate milk is the Nestle Quik Strawberry Banana….don’t @ me. :crazy_face:

Too bad it (and all Quik) is ridiculously expensive. :confused:

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FWIW, I tried Skratch Horchata and Chocolate, both are great for me. I think I like the Horchata a bit better, but I’ll probably switch between both.

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