Homemade, oat based, recovery drink

Hi all
I usually try to stay away from ready made meals, and I don’t see why I’d do different for my recovery drink.
I am also not a fan of skimmed milk, so I’m thinking of making a boosted chocolate milk using oats.

Has anyone in a similar situation and has a receipe that they’d like to share?
I’m going to try the following:

  • rolled oats 100g
  • dates syrup 2tbsp
  • Ovomaltine or chocolate powder, depending on how i feel that day 2-3tbsp
  • hemp protein - 15g (7.5g protein)
  • whey protein - 15g (10.5g protein)

I might need to refine the dosage, but I think it would put me in the right ball park, according to mfp.

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nice idea.

After a workout i am more of a fan real food too, I think the idea of a recovery shake is good for certain situations, especially race days, but Brad Schoenfeld has shown pretty clearly that eating well over the day is also completely fine for us folks here.

My go to is as follows (after a workout):

  • large flake oats - 65g
  • teaspoon of organic cocoa powder (tastes amazing and shown good for artery function)
  • 2 teaspoons flaxseed (or chia, or hempseeds) (flaxseed is nature’s wonderfood!)
  • mixed berries: blueberries, raspberries, grapes (berries every few hours increases antioxidant levels and supplements reducing fatique and inflammation)
  • sprinkle of coconut flour
  • small drizzle of maple syrup.
  • teaspoon of cinnamon.

Depending on the length of the workout I may have two bowls - or use spelt oats, or, use some pea protein powder to add a boost, but I firmly believe with whole foods you can recover pretty fine.

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I must add: mine is not a drink, it’s basically oatmeal. However, I guess it could be blended up with some soy milk or something to make it so.

Nice suggestion. Shake for me is really a matter of speed :slight_smile:
I workout early before work, and taking too much time to eat means the kids are late for school :expressionless:
At the moment, my go-to solution is one or 2 boiled eggs and a piece of bread, but it gets boring after a while.

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You could even use oat milk.


and this is how my search started.
“fine so chocolate milk is a good solution.
I love milk, but only full fat.
Erm, what are the alternatives?
Ah, I know, I’ll make my own oat milk”
Down the rabbit hole he went…


I make my own hemp milk - it’s super easy. Toss hemp heart seeds into the blender with water and push the button. I start with 1 cup of hemp and I also add a tablespoon of maple syrup to maybe a quart.

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Have been doing something quite similar for a while now – here’s my go-to recipe, everything blended up in the trusty vitamix:

  • 50-100g oats
  • 1 apple
  • 250ml apple juice
  • 250ml rice milk (or any kind really)
  • small spoon of protein powder of choosing (if I add less oats, i’ll add more protein powder. Try to get about 25g protein in the end)

I like this as a base recipe, as I can add more ingredients (yoghurt, banana, berries, more/less oats) depending if it’s ‘just’ a recovery drink or serves as a full breakfast. If I feel fancy, i’ll add some cinnamon &/ cardamon. For a ‘small’ recovery drink, i’ll just do apple juice, rice milk and protein powder.

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I use Bulk Powders’ ultra fine oats, which are just ordinary oats that have been ground to a really fine powder. They’re cheap and mix really well to make a nice smooth recovery drink when combined with protein powder and whatever else you want to add.

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