Vector 3s TR -> Strava missing speed and distance


I have the garmin vector 3s pedals which I use to power a TR workout. When I complete the workout and it auto uploads to my strava but it doesnt show speed and distance.

How to I get TR to output speed and distance using only my vector 3s so that its records speed too? I really don’t want to buy a speed sensor if I can avoid it :slight_smile:

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What you want is not possible in the TR app. There is no way for TR to know your speed and distance with just power data from the pedals.

If you want speed and distance, and are using a dumb trainer (my guess) or you are riding outside, you need a wheel speed sensor or record the ride GPS info.

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Thanks for the reply. I guess I was hoping TR would make an estimate on speed from power.

Yes, it’s a dumb trainer so looks like I need to get myself a speed sensor .

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In my opinion, speed and distance is totally useless on a turbo trainer. It’s certainly not comparable to being outside.

What IS important is power and time, and you have those things already.

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I agree totally that power and time is important.

The reason I ask is because I would like to add some sort of distance data to my Strava records, not as important but I like it to get a comparison of how many miles I do over the years.

I understand, I like to keep a track of my mileage too. As long as you take the distance values with a pinch of salt because they won’t be accurate

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If it’s a dumb trainer, and you set up your speed sensor correctly, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t accurately reflect the distance (effectively) travelled by the back tyre.

For sure, it will report a value. And depending on the dumb trainer, it MAY report a value that is “reasonable”. The issue is the power curve on the trainer and whether it does a decent job of matching the power/speed relationship of riding outside.

The Kinetic Road Machine is one dumb trainer that has about the best wheel speed to power value in the industry. However, even in that case, their mapping applies to flat roads with a rider of a certain weight and size (which I don’t know specifically). For anyone that differs from that data, the speed/power/distance relationship will not match. There are many trainers out there that have much worse data relationship, and that will lead to even more flawed data.

It’s something to recognize and know that the trainer info may not be a great comparison to the other real outside riding.