TR Workouts not reporting speed or distance to Strava, even with a speed sensor

The last block of workouts I’ve done on TR are not reporting speed or distance to Strava. Anyone having the same issue? I know that the two metrics are irrelevant when it comes to indoor workouts, but I still like to track them.

Hey Juan!

I would double check that your speed sensor is reporting speed properly. It is pretty common for the magnets to get jostled, leading to a lack of speed readings. To check that everything is set up properly:

  1. Go to your Devices Tab
  2. Ensure that your Speed Sensor is paired
  3. Pedal your bike to get the back wheel moving
  4. You should see a speed show up on the Speed/Cadence tile
  • If the Speed Reads as 0, the sensor is paired properly, but the magnet is not registering with the sensor
  • If the Speeds reads as an actual speed, but you still receive a “0” distance in Strava, then you may need to reach out to our Support Team. They can be reached at and they will be happy to help you sort out this issue :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the reply, I will try the recommended fix.

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I’ve got a similar issue. TrainerRoad on my kickr core delivers laughably short distances for the effort i put in. A little over half of what id expect. Is there a setting in either trainerroad och wahoo fitness app that I should be changing to get more reasonable numbers? I do calibrate the core, it is in the latest firmware, i have power smootiing off.


Put it in a different gear. The whole issue with ‘distance’ on a trainer in erg mode is that it means nothing, it’s is purely down to your gear ratio (unless you use a virtual cycling app which translates w/kg to speed based on the course profile).

Focus on TSS indoors and out.

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That’s funny. I’ve had the opposite problem, fighting with TR settings and sensors to record ZERO speed/distance to the ride data despite the Kickr sending imagined speed/distance numbers embedded in the power data.

I had it working briefly with a magnet speed sensor and wheel circumference set to 0, but this trick stopped working when I went back to the usual magnetless speed sensor.

In the end, I gave up and just record with a Garmin not connected to the Kickr or speed sensor and got my clean indoor files to export everywhere else. All I really lose are the lap splits :man_shrugging:

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