Trying rollers... speed sensor required?

I have been using a smart trainer for a couple of years but want to try rollers instead and use my day to day bike. I have a power meter already on my bike and have linked into TP and it picks up my power meter and HR sensor. Do i need to buy a speed sensor as well?

If you train by power numbers, no. Just use your power meter. Why would you want to know the speed?

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When my training is uploaded to Strava it gives me a speed figure… i just assumed I’d need a speed sensor in order to get this? If i just use my power meter will Strava give a speed?

TrainerRoad just added an option to estimate and output “speed & distance” values, via an estimated power curve calculation.

It’s somewhere in the web user settings. I can’t check right now to give better directions, but it’s there.

Yes, you’re not going to get a speed number on strava. But considering you’re not actually going anywhere, is that a problem?

If you use a speed sensor on rollers (especially rollers without resistance), you can quite easily get ridiculous wheel speeds. It might be good for bragging, but I’m not sure it actually means anything.


There’s no need to rehash the speed & distance discussion here. If it’s data they want, there’s ways to get it. The how and why behind it are irrelevant and up to them.

To circle back and give the two options in full detail:

  1. Add a speed sensor to the bike, connect that device to TR, make aure tou have the correct wheel size set in yhe TR app, and you will get speed and distance data into Strava from your TR workouts.

  2. Go to the TR website and log in. Open the Account page, then Ride Sync, then Strava Settings, turn on “Virtual Speed and Distance”. All future rides will estimate S&D from your power data. It works well and is a better estimate than the pure wheel rotation data provided by option #1 above.


Brilliant guys… thanks for your help :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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