Using Training Peaks through TR

Hi, I want to use a specific coaching programme that is available in Training Peaks. I’ve been advised by TP that:’
We do offer a workout export option with TrainerRoad so you could follow your planned workout on TrainerRoad with your power meter and then it will get uploaded back into TP.’

But I’ve got no idea how to do this. Any guidance, instructions, advice etc would be really gratefully received.

Do you have a TrainerRoad subscription?

If so, go to TrainerRoad account, then go to “Ride Sync” then connect to TrainingPeaks.

Hi, thanks for replying. I have been with SF for a while, but think I will come back to TR if I can do this. So, you agree this is possible? TP also said its possible through Sufferfest, but they say it isn’t

Yes, it’s been available for a long while now. Tons of us use it.

You need a paid TrainerRoad account.

Excellent!!! I’ve nearly thrown my trainer out the window trying to do this, so frustrating for someone who is “IT naive”!
And I also had the thought that if for some reason I can’t get it to work (always possible!), I can either build my own programme, or ask for a refund

What trainer do you have?

The most basic way is to sync TP workouts to your bike computer, and follow the workout on your bike computer. Works almost the same inside and outside. No additional subscriptions required.

Next up is syncing TP workouts to TrainerRoad or Zwift or … Structured Workout Export – TrainingPeaks Help Center

You have a lot of choices.

There is a small detail to be careful about. If you buy a plan on TP, make sure you buy a Power based plan. There are usually different versions on plans available and you just need to be careful to purchase a plan with the workouts based on Power, not hear rate or time or any other form…

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Thanks so much to all of you… I’m nearly there (I think!). Amazing!
But… if I stumble at the last hurdle I’ll be back!

I do this right now with a plan through Training Peaks. Here’s a screenshot of my TR calendar:

I just completed the WO on TR yesterday (June 1) and then the next 2 workouts are imports from TP (not the icon). It will only import WO’s for the next 3-4 days though so don’t be worried if your whole plan doesn’t import.

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