How to import workouts from TrainingPeaks

I apologize if this has been done before but I couldn’t find it with search function.

If I have a bought plan or coach on TP, how can I import them on TR to do them on the TR platform?

Also, how do you do them on Zwift?

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Ride Sync under TR account settings. Authorize TP connection and your TP workouts will start syncing automatically. It just works.


Ok. Thx

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Support page:

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The original question was how to import a TrainingPeaks workout to perform on TrainerRoad. Zwift makes this easy through, ride sync, but I still think it’s impossible on TrainerRoad.

It’s a shame if it is, I get it doesn’t appeal to the masses, but many of us would like to open the TR app, view our designated TrainingPeaks workout, and do the workout on the TR platform. (Zwift did make this simple and very effective.)

Many of us do this exact thing. :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks, will look into this. I canceled my Zwift account so it will be awesome if I can use TR to do my TP workouts when the weather is crap (that is the only reason I was keeping Zwift on the payroll).

It works but only the current week. Plus only the bike workouts. Runs and swims and lifts aren’t. Makes the calendar useless if you’re a triathlete

I guess I’ll have to open a support case. I have always had my TP sync’d to TR, but my TP workouts aren’t showing in the TR calendar. I did a “pull workouts” followed by a re-authorize, but still no TP workouts.

Just in case, it needs to be a structured bike workout in order for it to appear on TR calendar.