Using TrainerRoad Outdoors

Hi all, this my first post so sorry if the question has already been asked. I was looking at how i was going to keep training in the summer and i realise that doing it indoors isnt really an option for me.

So my idea is to get a power meter and go do laps on the f1 race circuit here in montreal, canada, but using trainerroad workouts with my phone on my bike. And just pair the thing in the app.

Or get a head unit and upload workouts, im not sure yet.

I really like structure so i would love the transition between the outdoor and indoors to feel seamless. I.e. stay on the same plan and do whichever workout i’m supposed to do.


You can do this, it just might be a little harder to focus on the workout while riding outdoors. Doing it on a closed course is a great idea to minimize risk, just make sure no one is driving on it!! Keep an eye out for updates on this front… :wink:

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You could do what a lot of us did and still do: write the workout down on paper and tape it to your top tube.

Wahoo integration would be sweet


so, hypothetically speaking, if I were shopping for a new headunit would I want a G or a W? lol


All right, thanks !