First power meter and taking training outdoors

Hello everyone

Just purchased a 4iiii power meter for my best bike, after training inside with trainer road and finding out you can do these intervals outside on the wahoo I’ve got. Has anyone got any tips for doing these workouts outdoors? Any types of roads I should try to find to sustain certain power levels?

Any help would be great and any tips for new power meter users would be great!

First, you need to do a new ftp test with the powermeter. This is probably much easier indoors.

As for roads - little traffic, and no traffic lights/crossings etc that would force you to stop. Flat for recovery rides, but for most intervals, a not-to-steep hill will be better. Depends what you have available near you!

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I’ll program an FTP test for when it arrives! The area I live In is basically either uphill or downhill, struggle to find a road that’s flat for a long time without having some kind of steep ramp or climb involved.

If it’s that hilly, I would spend a week finding good places to train. Ride up a couple of climbs and take note of the power you ride at and the time it takes. Then you can match climbs to intervals - like if it’s good for sweetspot/threshold, or short vo2max type efforts. It might be difficult to get the recovery power right, eg if you’re descending for it, but afaik this is secondary to getting your work intervals right. I find in general you have to relax a bit about hitting the right numbers when training outside.

Right ok I’ll have a look around at the roads in my area see what I can find. Would you say that if I find a short route that’s flat doing maybe some laps of that route?