Using "Train now" for a running workout?


I run once a week and to keep it interesting, i will do some form of intervals. I’ve done 60/60’s, 400 m intervals, or 6x 4 VO2, etc. So why not use the “train now” feature to get my work out for running?

Or should i look for more running specific workouts from a running specific source?

I run for 2 reasons:

  1. because cross is coming
  2. i love trailrunning

So its not like i’m training for some running event or anything, not a triathlete, although i wont rule out doing a spring triathlon or rather, a run-bike-run or rather, crossduathlon in the future.

Any thoughts?

I run traineroad workouts on the treadmill when it is wet outside with my Stryd. Some don’t translate well as they are too peaky (and unsafe) for the treadmill, but threshold and longer stuff is fine. If running and cycling FTP are similar, I think train now would work (except the attacking ones). I wish trainerroad would allow me to tag the run properly as an actual run, though…


Yes, i would also like it if my run workout would upload to TR so i can assign some TSS to it. Cant be bother to manually add it.

I do my running outside, always, so could do any workout from TR i guess.

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