Using Plan Builder for Multi Stage Event - what have I done wrong?

Hi All

I’m trying to use plan builder for my main event next year which is a 14 day tour of the length of the UK (known as LEJOG for any non Brits as it starts in Lands End, Cornwall and end in John O Groats, Scotland).

So, although this isn’t a race I’ve entered it as my A race and set it as a multi stage event. However, plan builder won’t accept it as it states A events need to be 8 weeks apart. However, it is one event taking place over 14 separate stages / days.

TR Cal.pdf (225.8 KB)

Screenshot of my calendar with A event attached.

Did I set this up incorrectly in my calendar? I think the problem may be that TR thinks it is 14 separate one day events although I did select multi stage when entering every day. How do I set this up so that TR reads this as one A event that takes place over 14 days?

Many thanks for the help! Haven’t used PB before.


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Actually, I think I’ve worked it out so please ignore.

When you add Day 1 and select stage race you need to click add stage and then select the following date and so on for this to become one event. By selecting each day as an individual stage I had set it up as multiple events rather than one connected event. I think it’s all fine now.

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Your pointer on how to do this is useful!

BTW, LeJoG is a great ride. I’ve done it twice, once solo and unsupported, and the second time with @TractorBiker and supported by my late father. Both were great experiences! The real mind bender is that when you look at a map on reaching the England / Scotland boarder, you realise just how far you’re still have to go!! :astonished:

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Missed that for Raid Alpine - just rebuilt my plan!

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Thanks @sunDOG21 . I’m really looking forward to LeJoG but with some trepidation!

Training plan hopefully starts next week (just recovering from big toe operation!)

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It does seem like the UI for this could be improved to give a clearer distinction between entering the overall event details and entering the details of an individual stage.

Also, relabelling the buttons so that instead of having ‘Save’ and ‘Add Stage’ you have ‘Add Stage’ and ‘Finish’ might help - ‘Save’ is ambiguous, and it’s easy to get caught out thinking ‘I need to save what I just entered’, without realising that it will end the whole add event flow at that point.

I’d say that arguably ‘Add stage’ ought to be the primary action here as well - by definition, if you’re creating a stage race, the assumption should be that you want to add more than one stage.