USA Cycling roadside assist - $ it legit?

Anybody ever actually use it? Is it legit?

Sounds kind of like AAA, I know AAA has roadside assistance for cyclists included in membership (but it might be limited to a ride and not the other stuff).

I called AAA to ask them this. They tell me they don’t offer that. But I’ve also heard (from cyclists) that in some regions the do but not all regions. So verify in your region, I guess.

I know for sure that findmespot offers this service! They call it SOV vs the emergency SOS service. And it’s legit. Even in some pretty remote areas.

AAA does offer roadside assistance for cyclists in some states as a member benefit. Its part of my basic membership in Michigan.

Another option is Uber if you are in the right spot - somewhere with decent coverage and close enough to home its not going to cost $$$$. I do most of my riding in areas where Uber service is quick and I’m rarely more than $40 ride from home. If my wife can’t get me (I’ve been rescued a few times . . . ), Uber is my first back up.