Anyone Live and Ride in Rocklin CA?

Hi All,

Moving to Rocklin CA in a few weeks. I have seen routes in Auburn, which is north of Rocklin and wanted to see if there are group rides in Rocklin and possibly to Auburn?

Curious to know if anyone rides road or gravel bikes and is willing to chat, share routes or ride? Wife does not want me to ride alone in a new area.

Cycle Folsom has a good number of rides thru the area.

And Sierra Foothills Cycling Club out of Auburn:

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I live in Roseville, which is right next to Rocklin.
Some other groups in the area to look into are:

I am in a terrible rut of “riding” almost exclusively indoors these days, but would love an excuse to get me outside. I can provide some general suggestions for road rides, don’t know much about the gravel options. There are some easy MTB trails around Folsom lake, but I don’t have an MTB so can’t say if they would be appropriate for a gravel bike or not.
Here are two road routes that I like:

Generally, the area between Granite Bay and Auburn/I80 and Auburn Folsom Road is very popular - most of the roads there are good to ride. Also the Penryn/Newcastle/Ophir/Gold Hill area is good too. Leaving Rocklin going east on Rocklin road or north on Taylor road would take you towards good riding.
The American River trail is a paved multi-use trail that goes from Folsom to Old Sacramento (about 30 miles one way), and there are some connecting trails (Johnny Cash trail) in Folsom that are quite nice. There is trail on both sides of Lake Natoma (just downstream of Folsom lake) that is a nice loop.
Feel free to message me for more info.

Saturday Kinetic Gravel Ride:

So much great riding in the area. A lot of rides in the Cycle Folsom library. Not as many posted lately but stuff like this:

Are winter base training classics.

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Cycle Folsom (CF) just had first century in 2 years, the “TftT” series is one century a month thru end of June. Upcoming ones:

“Local” to Rocklin are Camp Far West and Dutch Flat (up and down roads near I-80). Napa is a classic, as is Loon Lake. Martis Peak takes you from Cisco Grove along old Hwy 40 (parallels I-80) to Truckee and beyond.

Good luck with the move, hope you join CF and see you out there!


Cisco Grove to Truckee over Donner Pass is one of my favorite rides - I really like the Donner Pass climb. I highly recommend this route. The CF ride goes further, but here’s a Cisco to Truckee and back route for reference.

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