Looking to ride on upcoming trip to Vegas (road)

Hi all

I will in Vegas next week for a conference. I think there might be some room in my luggage for my shoes, helmet and cycling kit.

Do you guys know of any bike tours I could take, or maybe a club or bike shop group ride I could join? I googled a bit, with limited success, so I thought I could also ask here.

I was thinking of a 2-3h / 60-80 km road ride. I’d need to rent a bike in any case, so if you guys have recommendations on that too, that’d be great.


I have had good luck with McGhies in the past. It is a pretty nice ride out to red rock park and the surrounding area.

2nd the Red Rock loop. We hired bikes from Pro Cycley and did that loop twice.


If you stay at the Red Rock Hotel & Casino, McGhies will deliver a bike to the hotel and you can ride to and around the Red Rock loop. It’s basically climb on the way out and descend on the way back. They also do private and group tours. I’ve done the Blue Diamond MTB tour with Amy a couple of times and it was great, but, it has been several years, so, I don’t know if she’s still doing it. Regardless, they provide transport and bike.

Oh and if you plan on doing the loop bring cash, i think it is $5 for cyclists

My team does a Saturday morning ride and there is a hardish Tuesday morning group ride.

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Unfortunately I leave on Friday night. Thanks for the invite though!

Dude if you’ve got the time, and depending on where you are staying, I rode from Henderson to the Hoover Dam and back last Thanksgiving. It was an AWESOME ride. There’s a “gravel” section that is just a dirt road ( I did it on a rented first Gen Venge with 23mm tires no problem), and you go under these awesome tunnels. Here is a link to my ride so you can see the route. If you’ve got the time, it’s definitely something you should do! I am friends with the guys at Las Vegas Cyclery in Sumerlin, so I rented from them!


other good option is just picking out Strava routes

Bringing back this thread, as I’m in North Las Vegas for a week. I brought my bike so am looking for some good rides. Any thoughts?

I appreciate your enthusiasm because this was one of the most memorable rides of my life, especially because we started in the dark to be able to finish before our conference started later in the morning.

Recommendation seconded.

There’s always a shop ride that leaves from Pro Cyclery on Saturday at 6:30 am. Different levels of riders show up, some usually break off and do the Red Rock loop which I definitely recommend trying.

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Thanks so much! I actually stopped by that shop today and it was quite cool. Bought a nice kit. Now it seems only the “A” group is active so I won’t be going. I did do the Red Rocks loop today and I forgot how much of the start was climbing and at altitude? The back side was awesome, but the start pretty much sucked except for awesome views. The park is really empty so it’s really nice for cycling.