Uploading ERG files on ipad


Is there any way to upload my ERG files from Trainingpeaks with an iPad?
(Usually there is no desktop nearby me)

Thanks for any help.

You can save erg file to your Files folder on your iPad and then go to web interface and upload it from Past Rides section.

Thanks for your fast answer. Unfortunately I can’t upload ERG files there just ride files.

Hey there!

Unfortunately, there is no way to import ERG files on iPad :pensive:.

In order to pull in ERG files, you need to use the TrainerRoad Workout Creator and process that ERG file as a custom workout. The Workout Creator is only availiable on desktop at the moment.

In the future, we want to bring the Workout Creator into a web based application, which will allow much more flexibility in the creation of custom workouts, but for now the desktop app is the only option.

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