Exporting workouts from creator

Hi, i’m trying to find out if it is possible to export a workout file from the workout creator. But I have not found any answer to this on the support page or any forum post. Do anyone know if it is even possible?


I’d email support@trainerroad.com if you haven’t already done so.

Is it possible to do so Chad?.

I am not sure. I posted the link above for better support.

Upon review of the tech support site, I am not seeing an export option in the docs. But hopefully TR can clarify what is possible.

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Got a quick response from the support team.
"Unfortunately, there’s no way at this time to export a custom workout from the Workout Creator. Revamping the Workout Creator application is something on our developmental roadmap, so we may include that feature in the future. "

So, maybe sometime we will get the option of exporting our own workouts. And I prefer the TR creator over trainingpeaks since it is so much easier to use.