Uploading rides from rouvy/strava

Hi all a new subscriber.I am using rouvy combined with trainerroad and need to know when trainerroad pulls my rouvy ride from strava is it counting it as a extra ride or can it detect i am using its workouts for the power.
If it using it as a extra ride does it effect adaptive training if so will deleting it change that.thanks it advance any advice welcome

I want to be sure I understand. Are you’d saying you have a TR plan, but you are doing the workouts in Rouvy instead of the TR app? If so, do you then end up with an incomplete TR workout PLUS an extra entry on your TR calendar that is the completed Rouvy workout pulled from Strava?

If this is the case, then you need to go into the Rouvy ride in the TR calendar and find the “Associated With”. When you click on that, you can associate it with the planned TR ride, which will leave you with just one entry on your calendar and give you your PL association. Also, don’t forget to click on the post ride survey.

Hope that helps. If not, can you give more detail on the issue?

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