Adaptive training and Rouvy

Will Adaptive training use the rides / Race data I do on Rouvy in planning my upcoming sessions?

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No. At present, AT is only using TR workouts performed in the TR app or via outside workout on a Garmin.

They have plans to take in unstructured rides (like outside, Rouvy, Zwift, etc.) and use them for progression level control, but that is not in place yet.


Strangely, some of my unstructured, not-associated outside rides done before enabling AT are showing “Missing response” with no way to enter said response, some had “missing response” and I was able to enter one, some show nothing in the Response column, one ride associated with a workout shows “Struggle” with no way of entering the survey… So I’d say the answer is “sometimes maybe”. Those non-structured rides did not result in progressions.

There is a 7-day limit on adding or editing a response to any workout. Anything older will not allow it.

If you add a response to one that was missing, you may have to refresh your screen / browser / career page to see the newly added info. And not getting progressions is correct as of now, until they add the function down the line.

That’s understood.

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