Download fit files?

I am having a hard time downloading fit files of my workouts. The help center shows that both on the web and the iOS app I should be able to find download through the … menu. However, I am not seeing the option at all.

I’d love to be able to do this on my iPhone either through safari or the app. I use Cyclemeter and want to get my workouts imported - I can use the open in feature in iOS if I can download the file directly. I am able to use Dropbox as a work around, but doing it through the app or web directly would be best. Thanks!

What browser are you using?

I just checked the behavior using my own workout on Google Chrome, and I am shown the option to download:

You are trying to download workouts that you have already completed, is that correct? Would you mind sending a screenshot of what you see when you attempt to download?

For this, we would recommend using Strava as a “middleman”. Here’s how you can set this up:

  1. Enable RideSync in TrainerRoad to export all rides to Strava
  2. Enable syncing to Strava within Cyclemeter

Once you’ve done that, a completed workout will send from TR to Strava, and then from Strava to Cyclemeter, which allows you to import all your workouts into Cyclemeter automatically.

I have tried using Safari on my iPad and iOS. This is downloading workouts I have completed. I just started using tr so trying to find my workflow.

I did just try Chrome on my computer and I was able to download the .fit file. Is it not possible to do on iOS? Thought I saw a help center article saying you could. I spend the majority of my time on iOS and being able to download/export the file would be nice.

Cyclemeter sends files into Strava - which I do with my rides. I have never pulled a ride from Strava into Cyclemeter. Looking through their documentation I do not see a way to pull from Strava.

Sadly it is not possible to download the .fit file using iOS, I’m sorry.

Also, I went through the documentation for the Cyclemeter applicaiton and it appears that it does not support automatic importing of Strava like most third-party apps do; I apoligize for the confusion there. Unfortunately, all workouts need to be imported manually using GPX, TCX, or FIT files.

What this means, is that you will need to use a Mac or Windows device to download the .fit file and manually upload to Cyclemeter to keep things in sync. There doesn’t appear to be a way to do this completely on a mobile device.

This is a bummer. It can’t be a limitation of iOS as I can export .fit files in other apps. It would be nice if TR implemented the ability to do this in the future.

Setup TR sync to Dropbox. Open Dropbox app on iPhone. Tap … on the TCX workout and select Export. Then “Copy to Cyclemeter” and your workout will open in Cyclemeter.

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Thanks for the help here Bryce! Using Dropbox as a workaround is how I was able to get my first few workouts into Cyclemeter. I will continue doing it this way going forward for now. Doing it directly through TR in the future would be great! Maybe at some point this is a feature that TR can add.

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