Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)

I didn’t realise TR didn’t have this function when I signed up - having things auto-sync these days has become part and parcel of most apps. Having to use a third-party app to work out TSS for run/swim really takes away from the brand of TR and lets it down. There are some good features I’ll be using during my 12 month stay with TR - but I’ll def be keeping my eyes open for other similar apps that offer the full kit for all three disciplines.


just adding one more to the list of hopeful people waiting for the feature


This is out of Beta and has been released now, come on TR…


Given up home to be honest … It looked promising a few months back when @Nate_Pearson got involved and asked what was minimum people wanted…then nothing. :worried:

I think AT have given them more that they can chew at this time…

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I have paid TrainerRoad account and a basic (free) Training Peaks account. The only reason for the TP account is so that I can get my Swim and Run TSS from Training Peaks and enter it manually into TrainerRoad. Surely this can be automated like cycling! Please look at this feature request. The tri plans in TrainerRoad add swim and run workouts but cannot sync these from Garmin once complete! If it did I (and many others I imagine) would not need the Training Peaks account anymore.


This is on the roadmap and moving up in priority! Thanks for your patience while the development team works on it. Cheers!


Thanks @IvyAudrain and hope you are right, but must admit not holding out hope as this thread is now over 3 yrs old! :joy:


Hi @IvyAudrain , thanks so much for giving us this message, it’s very meaningful to hear from you!
The increase in prio suggests the poll had some impact, it gives me hope! :slight_smile:

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There will be sycophants on here that will think that update is wonderful, but without context that update really is an art of saying nothing.

Is the hope it will be before year end? Q1 next year?

As I said, context is needed.

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SYCHOPHANTS?!?! Haha, unfortunately, no degree of enthusiasm about this update will make us more inclined to provide more context in the form of timelines. This is something we don’t provide, even on a ‘quarterly’ or annual scale, and is ultimately done so in order to not disappoint our athletes while timelines change.
That can, and does, happen for a number of reasons; integration can reveal further bugs and issues that take longer than anticipated to resolve, higher priority issues may become present unrelated to the feature that redirects developer energy elsewhere, or even the framework and fundamentals of the feature can be more time consuming than originally anticipated even without bugs or issues that arise. From there, there are closed testing phases, where we gather more feedback and experiences to make even more changes and updates before releasing to even just open beta testing phase, so the whole process is really difficult to speak to confidently. :+1:


The cynic in me says it’s moved up from prio “very low” to “low” :wink:. But as I’m devastated I’ll take everything as positive :sob::joy:.

Context could also be sth as

  • dedicated dev working on it (x days/week) or
  • we’re preferring quick release of MVP over more sophisticated solution
  • working on it will not start before feature x



MVP for MVP!

Build from something basic and iterate.
I guess people don’t like having to toggle between different services to get an overview of what they’re doing, they want ideally one source of truth that has most of what’s needed

Kinda like grocery stores, maybe you have a favorite x item at store A and a favorite y item at store B but because store A has both items, you will be more likely to go there as it’s a one stop shop and it’s more convenient.
I know it’s not easy when it doesn’t fit the vision you had for your Product, but if you can make a low effort change that creates a medium high impact for a certain user base, it might be worth it. As mentioned, it’s already “there in the background” and it would at least give du-triathletes something while we wait for the “full product” to be developed, tested and released.


Not providing timeline or expectations isn’t a Dev or Agile issue, it’s a comms issue.

If you get the messaging right from the outset, you can have those conversations with customers and you can be truthful about challenges that are faced through the life cycle - TR have the perfect platforms to deliver those messages (podcast, this forum, blogs).

It tends to be organisation that dont trust their comms process so they hide behind Dev challenges so as not to be transparent.


+1. I like to import Run/Swim workouts as well as add Running Races into the Calendar.


Running races used to be something you could put in, then was removed which was a shame


Every time someone finds/resurrects this thread I get excited for progress. Then I just realize nothing has been done and it’s another user that wants the same thing as us.


Yes agree me and husband would love to see swim and .run on trainer road.