Updates on how AI FTP Detection is triggered!

Am I understanding correctly that the AI FTP will run more frequently than every 28 days if we are maxing out progression levels? After every FTP increase I am still able to peg sweet spot and threshold at level 10 within a week or two, and end up manually selecting my own workouts in those categories most of the time because the program just gives the same workouts on repeat after that. It would be awesome if there were some plan adjustment to take this into account.

Haven’t been on the bike lately, can’t wait to get back to training and give this a try.

I saw a glimpse of the “Let’s get you back on track” text in the video and think that is a great touch. Seeing your FTP drop or failing work outs is never fun, but that definitely is a positive way to put things back into perspective for someone.

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I have selected the new option and i got some new workouts also in the current week and past weeks. This week only 1 was pending and now i got 3 to do.

I am hoping a TR rep (@Nate_Pearson, @Jonathan, @ZackeryWeimer, @ming) will reply with comments about the extra workout issue. Seems widespread and worth of a comment that it’s at least being reviewed if not stating a solution as appropriate.


That said, if you reach the top of your progression in the Specialty phase or fail a low-level workout, we’ll prompt you to adjust your FTP. These FTP adjustments are not AI FTP Detections and will not reset the 28-day timer to your next AI FTP Detection.

If I’m understanding the video correctly and @ming’s response above, it’s not actually detecting your FTP but increasing/decreasing your FTP by a couple of watts.

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The team is aware of this bug and is working on a fix for it right now! If you are experiencing this issue closing and restarting the app should remove the duplicate workouts from your Calendar.


That did work for me. Not a refresh, but a full close/reopen.

One of the downsides of frequent AI FTP detection is that progression levels will remain low and so we get assigned “easier” workouts via Train Now.

I rarely got over level 4 in the past several months because my FTP was increased few times. E.g. I did VO2 Max workout with 30/30s recently and my HR never left Zone 2 because I could recover fast. Garmin says it is good base training. I bet that a workout with larger score (5+?) would prolong the “hard” interval time and make my HR follow the power zone better.

Anyways, thanks for a great app. I will still try to satisfy my curiosity and see what AI FTP tells me but will try to just follow the progression levels in next few cycles to have a comparison.

I was able to fix the doubled workouts with a reboot of the app, but now I’m having an issue where in trying to update Planbuilder, it’s duplicated several events, some of which I can’t even manually delete. They only show up once on the calendar, however. I also can’t update PB without it throwing a server error.

Had similar situation with workouts dropped in during a week I’d flagged as a C stage race - I’m actually on holiday in Mallorca with a buddy, riding every day but won’t be doing workouts. It’s really a training camp, without any structured training :joy:

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I too had some strangeness I’m my schedule after applying the setting. I had just started a new plan, so I deleted it, cleared out any stragglers and then re-applied the plan. Nice clean calendar.

I deleted the extra workouts before reading this thread. Now I’ve restarted the app and have no workouts for the next four weeks.

It would be REALLY nice if we could check our ftp more often.

I rarely change my FTP because I do it in 10W increments, but I would just like to know the trends. Yes, I know I have workout levels as a gauge, but the AI will have additional insights. I’m an adult with years of structured training experience. I can handle the information.

How about this: make unlimited AI FTP detection an unlock at 300 completed TR workouts. That would be a great way to drive loyalty.


So I’ve enabled early access but I started Speciality on Monday. LV HD Speciality, Plan Builder.

I’m not sure this feature will have any effect at this stage, or if I’m missing out on harder PLs perhaps that are more race specific perhaps?

Well, off the back of this thread I boosted my 2.1 tempo workout to 6.4 and finished it easily.

Brutal! First workout in… I mark my workout as a ‘4’ as my legs were a bit heavy after a decent week and it was bit of a struggle but I never felt like quitting or reducing intensity and bang it tells me to drop my FTP below what my previous FTP was… If I finish the workout as prescribed, then my FTP is right… Workout: Geiger, SS PL 3.9 → 4.5…

Possible bug. I had moved all my workouts around on the calendar to fit around my shift roster. After enabling the new AI FTP it seems to have reset the calendar and moved all workouts back to the default days of Tue, Thu & Sat on the LV plan.


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You’ve taken away the confetti when I hit a new PL high :cry:

This is the only positive affirmation I get for doing my TR workouts and I want it back!

I see you still have the confetti for an FTP updates :smiley:

On a more serious note, i’m a bit confused about when the AIFTP adaptations will happen. Is this set to a 28 day clock (unless knocking up against the top/bottom PL’s) or will it happen at another time depending on the training/performance you achieve?

Is it a minimum of 28 days, but could be longer depending on your stage in the plan (specialty accepted), or does it only happen if AT thinks an adaptation in FTP is appropriate at some point after 28 days since the last one?


Similar question to me! I passed 28 day this morning so will see what my next workout shows, although an official answer would be even better!

What about workouts and ratings in the prior week or so? Barring a bug, I wouldn’t expect TR to offer an FTP reduction via a single workout and rating, without some longer trend in place.


Trainerroad crew - is this working as intended? In the video, Nate said that if you fail a workout lower than 2, then it would nudge you down. But it sounds like some people are getting their FTP nudged down when they mark higher level workouts as very hard (or just hard per an earlier poster). Or is this a bug?

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