Add date of next AI FTP detection to training calendar

I searched and didn’t find any other threads requesting this, but it would be useful to see on the training calendar the next date AI FTP detection is available. I think ramp tests are shown on the training calendar when AI FTP is turned off (though I’ve had the AI FTP option turned on long enough that I don’t remember), so this would be a similar option.


I agree with a better placement and access being needed.

Tangential to that, I have always felt the current location for FTP related info is odd.

  • At present, you have to go to Account > Profile to see your current FTP, where you can also edit the current value manually to enter the AIFTPD tool. In conjunction with that, your FTP History is also located here.

IMO, those both belong under the Career heading, not Account. I see Career as the “training” related info and these details (possibly more details too) have a more logical home than Account. I see Account as more of the service related stuff to a degree than training stuff.


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Absolutely agree with putting it in the calendar AND making it easier to find. I can never remember where it is and always end up clicking all over the place trying to find it.