Unusual Race Format Strategy

So over here in the UK racing has been given the go ahead but with certain limitations in place for racing to happen. The limitations are basically making the race format 3 x 15 min Crits, with no more than 24 participants, with a short break between each race. The points are accumulated for all three races and there is an overall winner. Also there will be prime laps thrown in, just to make a potentially fast race even faster.

My question:

How would you play out the race?
And what is potentially the best strategy for me?

About me:

I’m 78kg and 1.78cm, with a 289w FTP. I would say my strength lies in my 1-5 min power, and I can generally hold 1100w for around 10 secs at the end of a race. To get an idea of what training I’ve recently been doing, I’m just about to finish GBMV and the start RR speciality phase.

The Course:

An abandoned Airfield in a typical oval shape. On a previous race a friend did, it was only 300ft of elevation over 24.5 miles. Also, its super open to the wind with not one bit of cover, and is on a high ground. I guess the wind would play a big part in the race.

Other People Racing:

Its safe to say that no one will be working in teams and its the first race since March, so i guess there would be a massive difference in peoples fitness.

Any tips would be appreciated, TIA.

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I’d be interested in the answers to this question.

I’m considering entering the races organised by a local club who’ve just emailed to say they are starting back up in this exact format (South of England area).

Since it’s much shorter laps I wonder if this means it will be more of a smash-fest and also whether many people might blow themselves up, either in-race or alternatively fade through the 2nd and 3rd legs?

Just a guess. Is it Abingdon Race Team at Dalton Barracks? They seem to be leading the way in making a return to racing.

No - it’s Racing Club Omega at Portsmouth at the Mountbatten centre (concrete outdoor oval).

I did a couple of races there last year so I’m on their mailing list.


Cool, I wasn’t aware there was anything going on down there. I generally go to Thruxton as its 3 miles from my house, but with having no racing for a while, im happy to travel. Ill have a look at Mounbatten.

Cool :sunglasses:
I’m based near Winchester.
I rode Thruxton last summer.
Was suuuuper windy and quite tough.
Managed 12th in a big field of cat-4s so was pleased with that plus a new 50minute power PR.
Sadly I’m miles away from that level of fitness at the moment :joy:

Sounds like some kind of track racing event. Just gotta win each one and get all them points!