Crit racing returns to the UK!

British Cycling have now set out some rules that allow crit racing to resume in the UK.

I am lucky that my local crit organisers have been hot off the mark and organised a mini series of 6 races over 4 weeks. Given the restrictions, the races are 2 x 15 mins with a 20 min break between. One race is points for order over over the line, the other is the same plus 5 prime laps for additional points. Winners on the night and an overall for the series.

A few questions:

  • What would you fuelling strategy be? I can definitely go into the first race on my normal fuelling which is to eat 2 hrs before. A gel in the break or not needed?

  • What workouts would you pair with this over the next 4 weeks?

Background - I’ve just completed SS Base Mid Volume (2nd round this year) but I’ve also been racing virtually which really targeted threshold power (race durations of 30-45 mins) so I actually feel ready to race IRL (minus the skills!).

I usually race CX over the autumn/winter and don’t target summer crit racing to win (rather to help team mates) but given that any CX racing won’t be in a league format and there’s no National points then I figured I’d give this crit series a go!

I was also thinking that this year I could test the boundaries on what sort of workload I can do outside of racing as I’d have a tendency to taper and rest so much during race season that I lose a lot of fitness (I realise some is inevitable).

Any thoughts welcomed… TIA.


If you’ve been racing on Zwift, that’s the perfect prep for this type of thing. Look for short races on circuits like Duchy Estate, Innsbruckring, Richmond UCI/Cobbled climbs etc. Anything with repeated short very intense efforts.

Wow, they ARE organised. Where in the UK are you?

Herts, Bovingdon Bomber.
Limited to 24 entries, max 4 from one team.
Cats 1/2 and 3/4

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Wow this totally passed me by… I’ll get checking the BC website for local races.

I think I remember them saying on a previous email that no events this year will be point-scoring?

Yes, no points scoring. We are racing for prizes on the night and an overall series trophy.

BC have set out a pathway for return to racing and we are in stage 3.

There are less restrictions on CX racing but given the usual venue/race format I can imagine they will much tougher to organise. We are seeing some CX TT events being held but I prioritised these crit’s as I prefer to race with direct competition.

I just read this and entered for Tuesday. Pretty excited! Gave up hope of races this summer

Fab! It’s a great 1km circuit (just been re-surfaced) and the organisers are fantastic. Good prizes too! They’ve taken out the hairpin to avoid crashes and make it slightly less technical.

Awesome! It’s a little further than I usually travel but given all the WFH etc it’s perfectly doable. Great little format too.

It’s filling up too so I’ve entered the following Tuesday too.

A little confused by the number situation though. Do they send numbers in advance or do we source ourselves?

There is also some in Abingdon and Portsmouth.

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I think the organiser is going to email you? Have fun! Usually men and women race on the same night but now it’s split.

Did I miss an announcement? I haven’t heard anything since the 16th.

Crit racing seems like one of the riskier types of racing to be resuming to me, bit close quarters for my liking.


See link for BC guidelines above. I guess with guidelines and protocols in place then individuals have to make a decision on whether they think there is a risk. The organisers are quite clear on the measures taken to ensure risk is minimised.

All racing can restart from 1st August, apart from road and sportives that use open roads. Crits on closed circuits are fine. All events non-ranking for the rest of the year. There are modifications, depending on the type of event though.

I really only race cross, and so far it’s no pits and one bike races, and some sort of modified start. Not sure how realistic that will be, and not sure if organisers will want to put anything on with restrictions in place. Also wonder about the national series - will it still happen if it’s non-ranking?

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Yes, I’ve read the pathway doc, thank you.

However, it doesn’t explicitly state which ‘limited events’ would be allowed in each stage. I understood that Phase 4 was going to be restricted to individual events where social distancing is possible.

You’re right about individuals assessing the risks for themselves, as long as they don’t leave the event and cough on my elderly father and kill him I guess that’s fine as long as they got to prove how fast they are :slight_smile:

There’s a different overview table for racing in the different disciplines. Must be on the BC website somewhere, I saw it on twitter a few days ago.

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Thanks for this thread or I probably would have missed this one.

I’m entered into the 3/4 race now and looking forward to competing.

Plus, get dropped in one race, get a second bite at the apple 20mins later…

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Yes, I usually only race cross but given that BC have confirmed no points or ranking this year then it’s a chance to experiment a bit with different types of racing and recovery/training strategies etc.

I’m assuming all National events will be off.

Thanks. I have been having a poke around but couldn’t find anything.

I’ll have a proper look later when I’m not supposed to be working :wink:

A little off topic but I hope you guys don’t mind.

I’ve got a mate who I’d like to encourage to race crits with me. (I’ve only done one but really enjoyed it)

What would be the etiquette regarding us riding as a 2 man team? We wouldn’t be in club/team kit…

I’m also UK based