How to use unstructured rides with training calendar

I know unstructured rides have been discussed elsewhere in the forum, but I don’t see anything since the AI update.

I have 2 weekly outdoor group rides that I don’t want to miss.

I also have an event coming up in about 3 months.

TR has created a scheduled plan for me which includes 3 indoor training sessions per week.

As I can only cycle 3 times each week in total (both indoor and outdoor), I want TR to be able to adapt the one indoor session each week based on the efforts in my 2 non structured rides (recorded with Strava - I have no power meter).


  1. Is this possible?
  2. Do I simply delete the 2 TR sessions (of the 3) that I don’t plan to use?
  3. If 1 isn’t possible, do you have any suggestions for how to incorporate my unstructured outdoor rides with TR?


I can’t see a reason to set up a plan if you can only commit to one training session a week. I would just consider using Train Now. It’ll give you three recommended workouts based on your progression levels. You could always check for alternates if you want a slightly easier or harder ride.


TR will see your outside rides, and it will take them into account when it calculates your FTP (at least… I think it still will even if you aren’t using power), so you can (probably) “incorporate” them by clicking the AI FTP button every 28 days. But unless these are very structured group rides, it’s unlikely you can pair them with anything meaningful for progression level purposes. I agree that Train Now seems like the best option.

If your outside rides are synced via strava, I believe they will import into your calendar, but that will be the extent of it unfortunately if they don’t have any power data along with them.

The TR software won’t take them into account at all for any metrics without power data, as per the following snippet from the AI FTP Detection thread.

" Does AI FTP Detection consider rides that aren’t TrainerRoad workouts?

Yes. AI FTP Detection takes into account all rides with power data—indoor or outdoor, structured or unstructured. This can include group rides, races, and even rides on other indoor training apps synced to TrainerRoad."