Unstructured outdoor rides and adaptive training/progresssion

I’m not in the beta, but I rejigged the way my workouts are handed from platform to platform and it is as you say. Garmin to TR works fine every time, Garmin to Strava to TR never works, at least for me…

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Wow - This is exactly the position I am in at the moment. I was thinking the other day that outdoors I have really slowed down, but have been following a LV training plan since Dec last year (hardly missed a workout) with FTP increases.

I am training for an Everest challenge in Sept and will be starting the Gran Fondo training plan soon. I am seriously thinking of ditching the TR plans now and just doing hill repeats and outside riding. I really don’t know what would be better. If outside would be better then I feel I’ve wasted over 6 months of indoor training.

Mr Swag, I did LV Sustained Power Build and LV Century Specialty for my Everesting (I’m 54) without any drama. I found the trick was having a nutrition/hydration plan and gearing appropriate for the gradient you are tackling. Mine was a 9.2% average and a total distance of 182 km. Stick to the plan, it will be fine. Speed is really quite irrelevant for Everesting, it is having a solid base and a well tuned diesel engine :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if the Strava connection can be modified so that TR pushes to Strava but doesn’t pull from it? My rides on the TR calendar show as imported “From Garmin and Strava” and if it could just be Garmin I think this might work better?

If I follow a structured ride outside but it’s a custom/TP imported ride TR doesn’t give me the option to designate it an outdoor ride so my ride doesn’t correctly associate with it (even after I go into calendar and match the rides) any thoughts?

For clarity, not complaining, I think AT is one of the coolest advancements in training software in a long time and am having a blast with it

I think it is all or nothing in terms of TR to Strava integration, so push and pull or nothing.

I think there is an issue with associating rides to gain credit for them on your progression levels…

I’m on AT now and TR workouts done outside on my Garmin come back to TR and automatically associate and gain credit. I tapped on some extra endurance to a ride the other day and gained a bonus to tempo and endurance as well as the planned sweet spot which was a nice bonus I wasn’t expecting.

Are you saying you are doing non TR workouts outdoors and then trying to associate them with a similar TR ride in your calendar? If so I don’t think that functionality is available quite yet, but I’m not certain. I haven’t been on long enough to really test what works and what doesn’t…

I know some people have been having issues with the calendar not showing their PL ‘earnings’ but they see increases in their PL’s on the career page, but I don’t seem to be having any issues with that…

Many thanks for that… I’m a Mrs Swag by the way :blush::blush:


I have custom workouts that are built in TP and they automatically sync to my TR account. They are structured and when they sync to TR they come in as indoor workouts that have progression levels/ratings. If I complete them on the trainer, I get progression levels applied based on how it goes - see below for an example of a custom workout completed on the trainer.

Because TR doesn’t allow you to select “Outside” as an option for custom workouts, only TR Library rides will correctly associate with and apply PL’s for a workout completed outside, even if it is structured and adhered to exactly.

On Wednesday I completed the next sequence of the above outdoors and then “matched” it to the synced version in my TR calendar, but the survey asked why it didn’t go well (I hit all the numbers in the correct laps/structure etc) and it doesn’t look like it applied any (or even 0.0) PL’s as a result of the ride. I realize this is all very difficult, but maybe my info and experience can be of assistance in development.

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This is probably also related to current outside ride integration with Adaptive Training; something we’re hustling to refine!

Ahh I see what you mean now. I too have TP workouts I’ve pulled into TR recently but I haven’t actually done any of them through or via TR whether inside or out, yet. Good to know it works indoor at least and I should avoid them outdoors until a work around is sorted out.

That said, have you done one of your custom workouts yet and got it to go into TR without it saying it has imported from Strava as well as Garmin. No outdoor workout ride that comes into TR with that on has credited me the PL’s due to the missing workout ID Strava creates…

I would be tempted to remove the Strava integration completely and see if you get the credit for the ride then, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all it is, but no promises!

its not. I’ve done ~4 weeks of TP workouts that were synced to TR calendar and become TR custom workouts. At this time TR does not support outside custom workouts, and therefore no PL credit on those.

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Thanks for saving me the hassle of testing it before my ride tomorrow ! :slightly_smiling_face:

maybe it will start working tomorrow?! This week I got a ‘why did you struggle?’ survey on an outside custom (TP) workout, so you never know…

I did an outside unstructured MTB this weekend to go get familiar with the course I’m racing (riding?) in October. Associated it with a TR structured work out I was supposed to be doing in the calendar - got the survey and also got a bump in PL for my endurance workouts this coming weekend. Not sure if that is a sign things are getting sorted with outside workouts or ???


I think you’ve addressed this a few times on the podcast (including the most recent episode 317) and it sounds like there’s something in the works.

I was training for the Belgian Waffle Ride, riding low volume century plan during the week and riding outdoors unstructured during the weekends (because for BWR, I needed to train on gravel/dirt and in hot conditions). I wasn’t getting any “credit” for my outdoor unstructured rides, so AT was not adjusting accordingly. I’m sure you’ve got the best and the brightest figuring out how to harvest the data from the unstructured rides to ensure AT recognizes the efforts. I had mentioned intervals.icu just because they seemed to be able to break down unstructured rides into a series of efforts so that can be measured. But it sounds like TR is moving beyond that as well …

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Any updates on this? I’m looking forward to AT being able to accurately take my unstructured outdoor rides into account and adapt my subsequent workouts where appropriate. To my mind, this will be the biggest single selling point of AT.


Same here. For example, If I decide to do a huge ride with a power meter on a Sunday (or the odd Sunny day we get in Scotland) can the rest of my plan adjust downwards to compensate so that I don’t overtrain. That would be great.


The team is definitely working on this feature as a high priority, thanks for your patience!