Upload ride data to TR

I feel like this has been answered but I can’t find (or maybe I can’t understand) the right post. I do one unstructured group ride per week. It’s big TSS and a lot of fatigue, so I would think it would impact adaptive training and the suggested adaptations to my plan or Train Now workouts. I use a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt head unit and sync with Training Peaks. My TR Outside Rides sync great with the head unit, so I know the connection is good. Any advice appreciated. Thank you!

And what’s the problem?

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If it’s an unstructured ride AT won’t account for it. Also not clear on the question.


I’d put in a TR workout similar to the group ride profile and match it in the Calendar.

Accounting for unstructured rides within the scope of Adaptive Training and Plan Builder to result in potential adaptations is our developer’s highest priority!! On the way, thanks for your patience.



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