Understanding Aerobic Decoupling

So this morning I have completed a ramp test. I have included a screen shot of the portion where the ramping begins until I failed. I am specifically after an interpretation Good, bad or indifferent about the Aerobic Decoupling. Any advice welcome.

Based on my limited understanding, I don’t think a ramp test is an appropriate place to investigate AD.

It seems more useful in steady-state workouts.


You long(er) sustained steady state effort, at a level below FTP, I think coggin was suggesting like .75IF IIRC.

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As @RONDAL and @mcneese.chad mention, it really is only mostly applicable to steady state rides OR can also be used to compare a workout that has intervals that are similar in nature and compare one half of the ride to the other half of the ride. For example if you had 4 sweet spot intervals and wanted to see how much decoupling (cardiac drift) may have occurred from the first half of the workout (first two intervals) as compared to the second half (last two intervals)

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