Can I test my aerobic base?

Was reading up on it and I’m curious if I could test my aerobic base just to know where it is at, just curious, for example doing a 3 hour endurance spin of 65% to 75% of my FTP using my HR as a guide.

Don’t have a source at the moment, but I think I’ve seen that an indicator of aerobic fitness is by using aerobic decoupling over long steady efforts, maybe under 5%?


sorry what do you mean by aerobic decoupling…and 5% of what?

Read the links I posted, @teamkennyg


Thanks! My memory hasn’t failed me!

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Other than just visually looking at our workout data, is there a way to calculate our decoupling using TrainerRoad analysis tool?

You’d have to use something like golden cheetah for that metric, it’s included for ride summaries


Yes. You can do the math described in the links Chad send based on the data in the TR analysis feature. But you need to do it yourself, it’s not a calculation done for you.

TR should add a test to measure aerobic threshold/decoupling. Along with adding polarized plans :grin:.


Cool, I havent looked at Golden Cheetah in awhile. Just ran my last ride from this morning(Antelope) through it and it says my decoupling was 0.8.

I’m a bit wiser now. So I plan on doing a 3 to 4 hour ride at around 70% FTP and I’ll keep an eye on how much my HR goes up as I go further into my cycle and this will give me an idea of my aerobic base. Correct??

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Read the links. There is a formula. But TR does not have a direct calculation.

I made the formula in my google sheet. Make your own copy of the sheet, and you can plug in the 4 values after using TR analysis to grab them.

NOTE: This is a Read-Only sheet that does not allow editing.
Follow these steps to make a copy and enable entering your own data.

  1. Right-click the “HR Coupling” tab at the bottom.
  2. Click “Copy to…” and save this sheet into your own Google Sheet.
  3. Once saved, you can enter your data to see your zones.
  4. Save and Print the sheets as desired.

DISCLAIMER: All of this information is provided for reference purposes only. It is not guaranteed to be completely accurate or free from errors. Review this content closely and consider additional info sources before taking any action such as choosing workouts or making a training plan. I update this sheet frequently, in effort to improve it, so check back on occasion to see the changes.


Perfect. Thanks for this!

Ran my same ride from this morning(Antelope) and got 1.3%.

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For me, I aim for 65% FTP, and even that may be a bit high based on where my HR decoupling is coming in. But it’s an individual thing, and with a bit of trial and error, you’ll determine the right intensity.

Here’s a recent 90 minute ride. After 15 mins warmup, next 20 mins were at 132bpm, final 20 mins were at 144bpm - so clear HR drift.



I’d knock that down to 60% and see if you end up with flat HR. If not, then drop down to 55%. Rinse repeat.



as someone training for a 555km cycle, what kind of distance or time in the saddle should i go up to before decoupling starts.

555km??! :flushed:

Wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll be dead before decoupling starts! :dizzy_face:


Lol. Probably

Yes you can, the maf test is probably the best one to use in my opinion. See the link

Didn’t see any test in that intro to maf white paper…