Help me Analyse my Ride Cardiac drift

If would like some input on this test ride I recently made. My idea was to test my cardiac drift, unfortunately I have no one to really share it with and get another opinion or valuable input. All i know about this stuff i get from the TR Podcast and the Forum here, so there is i good chance i miss some fundamental stuff, hence why i would value the input of some more experienced cyclist. I started cycling in August 2019. Indoor first, and this summer outdoor.

To me, strange is that while Power is in the Endurance Zone all the way. My HR is half the time first 1h in recovery Zone 134bpm avg. This raises the question to me if the intensity IF0.67 for this test was a tad to low. All i know is that a test like this needs to be done in Zone2 that’s why I set it in the middle of 56% to 75% of my FTP.

It seems like there is about no drift for the first half of the ride. And then from one moment to the other, it goes up. But stay in the Range of 140 until the end. states an HR Decoupling value for 4.2%
I did stop the ride because of parenting duty that did start to stress me and also to be fair my rear did start to hurt. I did a few 3h rides but normally my limit is about 2:15h to 2:30h Anything more on the trainer is no fun right now, and it is taxing on my rear manly.

So yeah I hope for some good inside from this great Community, I know TR does not care a lot about HR, but still, I find it is interesting
I did see a Video from Cam Nicolls I think and he uses a test like this to determine Base Fitness.
I plan to repeat this in about 4to 6 weeks to measure progress. But would you up the intensity 3 to 5 % or let it be like it is?

Thanks everyone have a great weekend and that you nail your workouts

Another term for it, is aerobic decoupling. Have a read of this to give you a bit of a primer. As with seemingly everything in the training/physiological sphere there seem to be different views on it however.

I don’t think that there is anything of value you can learn from such analysis. Good on you for calling it by the proper name, though!

Thanks for your feedback and the link. I found it very interesting. To me, there was a big difference during the ride. Like I say, perfect until a point and then a change did happen. I guess one thing I don’t like about the high-intensity stuff is, the workouts are too hard to do longer. at least for me. Longer session up to 2 hours or a bit more seem to help me a lot aswel. Outside my rides are always 2h + or 3h.

Anyway, i will do this ride again in a few weeks, and measure progress over time.

Thanks guys