UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!

Doug, I do love my original and actually will miss the extra outlet.

That said, I was really hoping for a wider output of air to cover “more” of the body.

Another quick question - can a single remote be paired to all the fans in case someone doesn’t want to control them individually?

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Hi Peter,

We will always continue to sell the AM1202, the Cardio54 is additional to our range of products.
No the remotes can’t control more than 1.

We can keep reading the forum for ideas for the next generation !
Keep posting your personal set ups and experiments it’s great to see the individual uses. Product development is usually very distant from the end users so it’s really good to see photos of the products being used and the feedback we are getting.

Cleva UK Team


Amazon poland seems to be struggling with my order.
And it’s not available from amazon germany.
At this pace, it will be quicker to wait for Cleva to have their post-brexit process in place (and would turn out cheaper, too!)

Here’s my current setup with the two original Cleva’s on the floor and the Cardio on a chair. All angles covered!


Another potential option for others who like me live in baking hot Equatorial England :laughing: is to combine floor-level Clevas with high-level pedestal fans.

In this setup I’ve a pair of original Clevas on a remote plug (so need to pre-select the fan speed on the two Clevas, unlike their latest fan) for cooling legs and lower torso, with a couple of these 16" remote-contolled Prem-I-Air 16" pedestals covering upper torso and head duties and which I’ve been able to position right up close for maximum coolage.

I paid £30 each for those Prem-I-Airs via Amazon, choosing the “2nd hand” option, which are actually brand-new returns from other customers with no sign of usage whatsoever. These have fan speed control from the remote, and both fans respond in parallel from one remote. The whole setup of four(!) powerful fans + remote plug for the two Clevas cost around 10% less than one Wahoo Headwind and offers serious coolage.

In use, I find turning the fans on/off up/down via the remotes before/during work intervals acts as a bit of mental distraction akin to the to the old “changing hand positions” tactic that plenty of us will be familiar with.


Do you not get a sore neck looking at that screen :wink:

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No. It’s quite a bit below eye level (maybe difficult to tell from the pic). I always try to keep the head up on long stretches on the aero bars anyway to replicate looking at the road on real rides.

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If you could develop a way of cooling the air that gets sent forward that would be great :joy: (I understand also not very likely). my cleva is outstanding but in the summer, with the fan near an open window I still struggle with warm air. So much I resorted to ice packs when it got real hot

Got mine yesterday - it’s a great piece of kit. My suggestion for the 2.0 version would be greater variability in terms of the angle - 45 degrees doesn’t quite hit the right spot for me, but a book propped under it solves the issue. Aside from that, very happy!

I attached a length of 2" x 1" wood to the base with cable ties to get the angle I wanted on the one pointing at the face (you can just see it in the pic above- the left floor one). Not particularly elegant but works fine.

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Haha, if it’s shipping from the UK, have fun with customs. Polish customs held up my Exposure lights for 8 days before mailing me the notice…

I think that’s the whole point, they’re shipping from Amazon warehouses.
And I’ve had my share of brexit-induced, cycling related nightmare: My wife gifted me a rocker plates for my birthday, back in January.
I received them last week :expressionless: 2 months of doing the rounds in Poland :expressionless:

I ordered my lights from Amazon too, but they decided to ship them from the UK for fun!

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Hi! Norwegian here (so not in EU). Any hopes on getting this product available before the summer heat kicks in?

@Cleva_Doug Hi Doug, is the KEEPCOOL code for TrainerRoad users still valid? Am keen to order the Cardio54? Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

The KEEPCOOL first 100 units went quickly, we are still running the TRAINERROAD10 code.

Cleva UK Team.


Thanks Doug. Much appreciated

I’ve just gone for the remote fan, and noticed it appears not to have the extra plug socket any more (lost in the addition of the remote and paint job).
So I can’t add a desk fan on remote control?

Bit annoying.

I use a desk fan as well as the Cleva with remote control but leave it on throughout the ride. The Cleva fan goes on after the warm up and toggle it during recoveries.

Hi All,

Cardio54 EU plug - stock update
We now have stock for sale across the EU available from Amazon, this should expand to all amazon EU sites soon, available on Amazon DE today. This is the new version with the VDE plug and Multilingual instruction book.

The original AM1202 airmover without remote control is also available with VDE plugs and sockets also on Amazon DE.

We also have more UK stock arriving this week.

I didnt want to add direct links to the forum - so if you want to find links to the products and share please do.

Cleva UK Team