Looking for cooling fan recommendations

Couldn’t see a post related to fans so apologies if there is one, please point me to it.
If there’s not then what fans can you recomend for someone who needs a decent bit of cooling but ideally with minimal noise. I know both don’t go hand in hand but there must be something out there that can do a better job than my current OEM fan. Turning that up just makes more noise, doesn’t increase it’s throughout particularly so I need a replacement…

This article has some fan recommendations for different price points:

I think they have talked about fans on the podcast but am not 100% on that.

I use this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00002N5ZB/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It’s loud-ish but has great throughput and keeps me cool even on warmer days - plus it’s cheap

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@pixelcellar, when I had to place my fan on the same desktop as my computer, I would use one of these smaller Vornado fans: http://a.co/d/553lDz8, but in my new setup I have floorspace directly in front of the bike, so I use one of these Lasko floor fans: http://a.co/d/9T4iD68. Having a remote control to adjust the fan speed is great!

I use two of these and can’t recommend them enough

Here is also a couple of links from the Facebook group that discusses fans:


IF you want minimal noise, get yourself a furnace blower wheel and attach an ECM motor … super quiet and efficient, and nothing on this page will move more air over you.

The 3 pictures below show the Lasko pedestal fan on high and low, and the blower I described above on low. IMO, the blower on low moves more air than the Lasko PF on high, although I don’t have a way of confirming this.


Seconded. I have one, probably get a second one soon. I bought a $10 remote controlled outdoor multioutlet adapter so I can control on/off during warmup, etc. Fan’s been far better than any of the other ones I’ve tried.

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Looks like a Lasko Max Performance Pivoting Utility Fan would be ideal but I can’t find anywhere in the UK to buy one!!! Going to have a look for something similar, wish me luck.

I struggled to find a decent fan in the UK. I went for this one - and it’s pretty good for the money:

It doesn’t take up much room when not in use, just slides alongside my desk. It’s not quiet, but everything else going on is noisier! I run on max and so long as it’s pointed in the right direction it does a good job.


I’m not sure if the Lasko brand exists in all countries. I’m in Canada, and it seems to go by the Stanley name. This is the one that I have:


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I just got this one as well, from Ace Hardware. Its smaller than the other Lasko one, but works well.

I plan to get the Home Depot one and have 2 as different angles and positions.

You can take a look at Hover Fan.

Got a link?

I went through a bunch of fans before landing on the Utilitech 20" high-speed fan, which is currently $45 at Lowes:

I tried the Lasko blower-style fans the TR crew likes so much, but for me, the air stream was way too narrow and would require two. At $80 each, that would be $320 for my wife and me…more than we were willing to spend, not to mention the floor space they’d take up.

The biggest benefit of the Utiltech is the amount of air it pushes. And the wind stream is nice and wide. WIth it right in front of my front wheel, I get just the right amount of air on my face and core. It feels heavy duty so hopefully will last a long time.:crossed_fingers:

The one downside is that it’s probably louder than @pixelcellar would like. It has a low frequency, propeller-like sound, but we can still our entertainment over it. Home Depot has a house-branded version of it, but the power cord is a foot shorter.

I also got this remote outlet kit so we can turn on our fans without getting off the bike. When going into a cold room first thing in the morning, it’s nice being able to warm up for 5–10 minutes before kicking the fans on! :wind_face:

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I have a couple of these and love them: quiet and enough air to be effective even for 2+hrs of sweet spot work in the summer.

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I have that same fan and am very disappointed in it. It barley moves more air than the cheap box fans I have. I do have the remote control outlets mentioned above and they are awesome.

If you are looking for cooling fan then Hover is the best option.

I’ve been using the wahoo headwind for two weeks now. It’s really working great. Price tag is a bit hefty though.

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Also after similar advice!

I’m in Australia so don’t have Lasko and some of the other recommendations available.

The couple of brands I’ve tried are average at best (Sunair, Nu-Tec)… At this point, it seems like I may just have to bite the bullet and get a vornado

Vornado for sure . . .

Our gym uses them for the treadmills and elliptical and people seem to really like them (the owner sure does and recommended it to me). If you look at CFM, they exceed the Lasko Max Performance. While pricier, they are well worth it particularly given how much time we spend on our bikes and relative to our cycling equipment.

I actually use a dual combo of their smaller one (Vornado 630) aimed at my legs inside of the base of the larger one (Vornado 783 full size) aimed at my upper body:

btw: Perhaps overdoing it, but since I am in my garage with overhead shelving, I also have a Lasko box fan above me aimed on my head and back.