UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!

There is a -20€ discount on german (maybe others as well) Amazon until end of August → price 80€
That‘s a good deal as they don‘t deliver it to Germany and the Amazon price is usually higher.
You can only use the coupon for one Vacmaster but you can order another one with a different account :slight_smile:

Thank you for that! Just ordered my second one through now.

Now I just need to decide if I want to add it next to the one in front or have one in the back to cool the other side of my body as well.

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For sure, at least try rear mounted. I love having one that sits about seat height, blowing straight on my hips and lower back. Huge surface area that most people never bother to get airflow on, and it can make a big difference in cooling and RPE, at least for me.

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How do you prevent the front and back fans from interfering with each other?

Keep in mind that these fans offer a very narrow flow, especially if you place them close to the rider, which I feel is best. With that in mind:

  1. The front fan is dead center with my bike and body, mounted high and pointed at my face and neck, with the wash flowing down my chest.
  2. The mid-side fan is just off center above bar height, pointed right in the middle of my chest.
  3. The rear fan is also dead center with my bike and body, mounted at saddle height, blowing on my hips and back.
  • These create 3 separate flow spots and a nice bit of overall turbulence that mixes to keep air very active around me even with all 3 at high speed.

There are surely other solutions for placement, with front and rear mixing well. Your space and preference matter, and you have to experiment to find what works best.

Mine are all on remote switches I can hit while riding. I start with the side fan first, add the front one and finish with the rear. When I hit the rear, it is an instant and amazing feeling of relief from the sweat that builds, even with both front fans on full. What I know is that more people should try a rear position fan, because it can make a HUGE difference once you get it dialed.


Bought a Cleva Vacmaster 2-3 weeks ago to replace using three fans in hot weather. Very impressed with power and low noise. It is very directional, but that is fine. :+1: I do use a second desk fan still facing my face on the TT bike on muggy days.

Ironically we discovered a water leak in our utility room over the weekend, so it has also being put to very good use drying out the floor in there. Prescient purchase I would say. :laughing:


Unfortunately I’ve heard that these are made in China, I’m from China and there is no way to find these products on taobao (similar to Amazon).
Hopefully these two companies in the US and UK will consider selling in China, at least to remove the expensive logistics costs

I find this one 27 dollars

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HI great design , you wouldn’t happen to still have the STL print file for the custom nozzle please.