(UK) Are there any Farnham, Surrey and surrounding riders lurking here?

Just wondering, as I mainly cycle solo around Farnham, Bentley, Froyle, and was interested to see if any fellow TR users wanted to perhaps get some rides booked in with the odd Cafe / Pub stop when the word returns to “normal”


Bit too far away for me at the moment, but I have organised a good number of timetriails on the courses there. In one of the only TTs I ride last year I made myself a 100km ride by using down from Chertsey, doing a 10 and then coming back.

Ah cool. TT is a bit to involved me but I have seen the odd TT near and around the A31.

Odd is a fair description - right bunch of weirdos!

Yep I was once cycling minding my own business and one of the marshals I assumed told me to not cycle as a race was on. I said its not a closed road also how should I get home? :slight_smile:

Hi @MrHyde85

I am based in Farnham. I ride mainly indoors these days due to time pressure with having young kids.

With the mornings getting lighter again soon though I will try and head out on the road again

Do you ride on the road or MTB?

I ride out of Guildford. Usually head in the direction of the Surrey Hills, or south towards Midhurst etc but often get out towards Elstead/Puttenham direction.

What’s your typical weekend ride?

Hey. This time of year I generally do workouts on the kickr in the week and ride outside on the weekend when I have more time. I ride road mainly.

Ah yes I head out to Elstead, frensham then loop back to Crondall and Farnham when I cycle solo as there are a lot of excellent lanes to ride.