Places to do outside workouts in London region

I live in London and have been following the LVSSB plan since January this year. However now the weather is picking up I’d like to do some of my training sessions outdoors.
However it is too congested in my area with all the stopping and starting and traffic to contend with. I am wondering if there are area’s or routes that some of you nice people here know about that could be recommended. Thanks.

Richmond park is a go to destination.


Centre/East: I’ve done up to 100k on the inner loop of regents park, and never had to touch the brakes. Closest to outdoor I can get on the turbo (and about as varied scenery too :joy:)

The road to Epping is also decent if you don’t want interruptions (but the surface on the cycle “lane” is poor, and full of small debris - I cycle on the road and get to the side when I see traffic approaching with the radar. If you’re on a gravel bike, you can also get into epping forrest which is nice.

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I did the Duathlon there a couple of years ago, very cycle friendly.

100km on the inner ring road is impressive !!

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I think I’d get dizzy

Velodrome in Stratford, Herne Hill or Dartford.


Gets you an even tan :laughing:

Are you Central London?

Train out of Marylebone 15 mins to High Wycombe and into the hilly Chilterns?

TBH, I struggle with outdoor TR workouts in the UK. I live a 30 min cycle away from Henley and there are a few longish climbs (I use Pishill which averages about 2% for 1.5M) for short to med intervals but not ideal

I’m southeast so on Kent borders but not really aware of anywhere round here although I’ll check out the Cyclopark in Gravesend as suggested by @JoeX.
For just riding out and having a nice day out there are plenty of options but if you are trying to follow a specific workout it gets tricky.

Its years since I’ve been to Kent despite it being reasonably close. The area around the Hoo Penisula used to be quiet, but that was prior to the Amazon warehouse which I was working on. IIRC there was some decent cyclepaths round there too if you dont want to mix with traffic.
The other time I was in Kent was for the Kentish Killer and the roads it used seemed reasonably quiet but a lot of development has probably occurred and it was up and down a bit.


I’m a long time TR user but I haven’t found any routes conducive to training outside. But if you don’t mind reps:

One opportunity for something like long Sweet spot/threshold reps up to ten minutes is coming off the A21 (Sevenoaks Road) at Green Street Green junction, cycling up Cudham Lane. It’s long and slow, varying incline, but you are unlikely to be interrupted unless there is a bus ahead of you (given it’s a country lane they struggle with oncoming cars).

Just off that you have the famous 25% Church Hill on Downe Road you can use for 2-3min vo2 reps before it gets too steep. And rip your legs off at the eend if you want to….

Recover in the nearby Blacksmith Arms or Queens Head :wink:

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I’ve done lots of intervals up layhams road, or cudham lane, laps around the bough beech reservoir, as well as the road from edenbridge towards lingfield, right and then all the way up titsey, clarks lane is also good from westerham, Toys hill, Ide hill, etc. depends how long or intense the intervals are, things like sweetspot and tempo can be done most places I find even on the race bike,

shorter stuff can be done most places, you need to get used to having to stop pedalling and waiting at junctions during intervals, i usually just pause the interval until im back up to a reasonable speed.

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You aren’t far from Epping Forest High Beech car park from where you could ride an MTB for hours in the forest or ride out toward Epping for miles of Essex country lanes on the road.

I’ve been doing both for years and would be happy to ride with you and guide if you’d like - particularly in the forest as its all natural albeit established trails with no signage.

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That looks brutal.

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Only got a road bike at the mo, but an MTB might be worth considering at some point, really appreciate the offer.