Does TR keep power data for both your power meter and trainer when using power match?

I have been suspecting my P2M Type S on my road bike has been reading low or that my P2M NGeco on my gravel bike has been reading high, either way I decided to do a workout where I recorded power meter data on my head unit and only used smart trainer power for the workout. I noticed my road bike PM was 7W lower on average than my Hammer. That’s fine, I suspect a difference due to %error but I would like to know if TR stores “command” power data vs “actual” power data. I.e. can I go back to a previous workout and split the power data into Hammer and Power Meter? This way I can tell if my P2M Type S has always been low or if this is something new that I need to adjust.

TR only records power data from one source. In the case if using PowerMatch, that will be the power meter only.

There is no data stored from the trainer power.


Damn, okay thanks

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But if I have a smart trainer and power meter connected to TR via Bluetooth and not using power match, how do i know which power is showed during a training session ?

The workout will show the data source at the bottom when completed.

But in general, TR will always choose the “best” power source if you have 2 devices paired.

As such, if you pair a power meter and smart trainer, TR will always use the power meter.

The only way to get it to use the trainer is to not pair a power meter.


You can also use the power meter as “cadence only” as I have for these tests.

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So I did the same test with my gravel bike (NGeco) and the offset increased with resistance. Basically in zone 2 my PM was reading 5W high but in Z6 it was 25W high. Each zone in between seemed to scale accordingly which leads me to believe the NGeco’s slope is off.