Power meter source in use indicator (Feature request)

Hi, I use a Bkool pro smart trainer. It has a “calculated” power that I find quite a way off when comparing to my P2M power meter. I therefore use Powermatch in auto mode and assume that during a workout the power I’m seeing and the intervals are controlling to the P2M reading and not the Bkool calculated value. I suspect however that sometimes my P2M is not connected and I’m using the Bkool calculated value. Is there any way / symbol indication during a workout of the power source being used?

Hi Andrew! Unfortunately, there’s no way to see in-workout whether the power readings are coming from the trainer or power meter. You have to navigate to the Devices tab to view that information. I do want to say however, that while both devices are paired and you’re using Powermatch, the power displayed and recorded always comes from your P2M. Do you have issues with dropouts? Why do you think your P2M is becoming disconnected?

@larry How can you tell which power meter is being used in the devices Tab?


Hey @cal, what I meant by that is that you can see which devices are paired in the Devices tab. If your power meter is disconnected, you’ll see it greyed out and attempting to reconnect. When both your trainer and power meter are paired, we always take power data from the power meter.

Hi guy’s appreciate the response and clarification.

@larry “why do I think it drops out’…there’s times you’ll look for an excuse anywhere…:wink: however I have seen on rare occasions when it wasn’t connected but it wasn’t clear to me during a workout.

How do we know which power meter’s data is going to be used? I just did the ramp test and it used my trainer’s power instead of my power meter. Is there any way to change sources after the fact? This is incredibly frustrating for those of us with multiple sources.

  • How do you know this?

Normally, TR will pick a power meter over a smart trainer, when 2 devices are paired.

That begs the question, why do you have 2 power meters active and paired?
(Power2Max & Saxonar vs the Kinetic Smart Control)

I don’t think TR can handle that with any reasonably prediction, other than it might prefer the Bluetooth one over the ANT+ (based on their prior comments).

In the web-based analyzer it tells you down at the bottom which device was used.

I was also under the assumption my ANT+ power meter would be used over the trainer’s power but clearly that wasn’t the case today. I only use the Smart Control to determine total distance.

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OK, I think an email to support will help here.

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