Turkesterone supplement for cycling

i have been reading up on Turkesteron as it seems to be the new hype in weightlifting/bodybuilding.
it seems to have the same effect as anabolic steroids but without the negative effect of hair loss and being banned by UCI.
there seems to be no negativ effect of it ( just the weight gain, but what ever)
only real negative is there isent really a whole lot of testing on it yet.

did anyone try it for cycling and what does your opinion seem to be on it. i spoke to a friend who tried it and he really seems to get positive effect of it, so rather keen on trying it but it aint cheap.

if you wanna try it make sure to check for lab tested stuff as there seem to be alot of “fake” stuff out there.

Thanks in advance!

If you have to send your supplements for lab testing, you probably shouldn’t use them.
Stick to creatine.


i wouldnt want to send my own stuff to a lab, but its really smart to have a lab certificate of the stuff you intake into your body.

Apparently most of the products out there contain no turkesterone, so you would pretty much have to lab test them to even know what is in them.


To clarify, it is NOT actually the new hype in “weightlifting/bodybuilding” in terms of actual athletes who compete in those fields successfully. It’s the new hype of confused teenagers on tiktok / influencers who say things to sell bogus supplements to make more money. There are approximately ~0% of legitimate athletes who are using this. If anyone EVER tells you something they have to sell you with the same benefits of anabolic steroids but without the negatives…oof :frowning_face:


Agree with @BT-7274 …

Before you spend money, it’s worth considering that reliably sourcing this ingredient right now seems improbable.

If you want to dig into this, here’s a very detailed post outlining how there is virtually no reliable source for Turkesterone - along with UPLC results for purported suppliers: https://www.reddit.com/r/NootropicsDepot/comments/va9kvu/lab_testing_results_of_turkesterone_beta/

Isn’t it a SARM? I definitely wouldn’t bother. May as well do the real deal, that has been researched for years and years.

Magic Bullets don’t exist, I’d stay away from anyone/thing promising they do!

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First time forum poster asking leading questions about a dodgy supplement…naw I’m gonna pass