Dexanhydrous glucose

Not trying to plug a product. But recently tried a product that claims “dexanhydrous glucose”. 1st Phorm Ignition. The product was recommended to me by my better half’s body builder coach. It was incredible. I’m a user of Maurten, Cytomax, Hammer products, GUs, etc. Usually buy anything on sale! This feels different, particularly, and most specifically in the 80-85 rpm grind sessions I end up in with sustained threshold work.

Just looking for other’s input on this. I also wrote into the podcast to see what they say. Hope for a response. =-)

What I’m curious about is how this might impact me in a 3,4,5 hour situation. Only using it in the 1.5 hour threshold work and it seems to help quite well yet i find nothing about it here.

Why? Why would pulling the water off the glucose make a difference?

Talk about a different molar mass … so you would need to do some serious math to compare apples to apples (g CHO taken in per hour) in order know if for you it makes a difference.

Placebo effect is real.

could be placebo. true. or probably, haha.

why? mostly curious if others have used it and to what extent. I see nothing of this in the cycling world and curious more of that side. this stuff costs $1 a dose. that’s a pretty compelling reason to me! =-)